Braille Translator - ⠠⠃⠗⠇⠀⠠⠞⠗⠁⠝⠎⠇⠁⠞⠕⠗

English (Example: ABC)

Braille (Example: ⠁⠃⠉)

Easily translate English to Braille and Braille to English with the best online Braille Translator.

This Braille Translator supports the Unified English Braille for Grade 1. Support for alphabets, accented characters, numbers, punctuation marks, currency signs, Greek letters, and other symbols is added. Grade 2 contraction is a work in progress. Most of the contraction rules are implemented. Expect to find some contractions where it should not have happened.

Unicode braille is the recommended encoding. For older braille embossers, use the ASCII braille encoding.

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