Online keyboards and Changing Keyboard Settings

The following FAQs may answer the question you are having. If you still have questions, you may use the contact page to send us your question.

How do I maintain my privacy while using the online keyboards?

The text you type using the online keyboards are not sent to our servers or to anyone else. If you are using a modern browser that is capable of storing data locally, we store the text on your browser so that you don't accidentally lose your work. This also allows you to undo and redo changes while editing text. If you accidentally close your browser, the text will not be lost. You can delete the text by pressing Clear All before leaving the page.

The text you type will transfer to Google or Twitter if you explicitly click the corresponding buttons to search, translate, or tweet. The save will post the text you type to our server so that it can post back the text as a file. We don't write the text to our server's hard drive during the post back.

If you use the text to image or the image to text converter, the files you upload will be stored on our server temporarily.

The online keyboards are not working

You may be using unsupported browser to access this site. The online keyboards are compatible with Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox 1.5+, Google Chrome, Opera 9.5+, and Safari 3.0+. Caps Lock is supported on keyboard input when using modern browsers. Shift is used to access the Caps Lock state. Shift Lock for Swiss German, Hebrew, and other keyboards is supported.

I see boxes, vertical bars, or question marks instead of my letters

These may appear on your screen instead of your letters for a number of reasons. Make sure a Unicode font for your letters is installed on your computer. If you copied the text to a word processor, make sure a font that supports your letters is selected. You can download Unicode fonts from Alan Wood's website.

There are missing letters

The first place to check for missing letters is to press Shift. You can also press either Ctrl + Alt or AltGr and see if the missing letters are available.

Some accented letters may not show up initially on the keyboard. First you will need to type the diacritical mark and you will see the accented letters. Additional accented letters may be found when pressing Shift.

How do I type special characters like currency symbols, musical notes, scientific symbols, and the like?

You may use the Unicode Table to enter letters not available on the online keyboards.

I want to download the online keyboards to my computer

To use the online keyboards offline, you can simply save the page and use the online keyboard when you want to. If you want to use native keyboard to work with your applications, continue reading.

Most personal computers come with many different languages pre-installed. All you need to do is set your keyboard to type your language. The following instruction videos show you how to do just that.

Instructions for MS/Windows

This YouTube video tutorial shows how to setup your computer keyboard to Greek on Windows 7. If you want another keyboard, you would choose your keyboard instead of Greek. If you don't find your language in the input language list, you can select any language.

This YouTube video tutorial shows how to setup your computer keyboard to Greek Poly-tonic on Windows XP.

Instructions for Apple/Mac

This YouTube video tutorial shows how to setup Greek on Mac OS X. The steps are very similar if you have another version of Mac computer.

Instructions for Ubuntu

This YouTube video tutorial shows how to setup Chinese on Linux(Ubuntu). There are quiet a lot of keyboards available on Ubuntu sorted by country and language. Happy typing!

Keyboard Stickers

Keyboard stickers are rectangular labels that stick on the keys of your computer keyboard. They help you locate your characters on your keyboard. Keyboard stickers come in different sizes and colors. They can be made with transparent material. Some keyboards have keys that can pop out. You can buy a set of keys for your language and replace the keys.

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